| Swallowed by the Sea |

Swallowed by the Sea, #1
Video, 1 minute, 2019
Music written by Johann Sebastian Bach
Performed by Jules Abramovitz
"Arioso in G Major from Cantata 156"

In my series, Swallowed by the Sea, I'm making miniature dioramas with trees, cities and everyday human objects that I slowly destroy with melting ice while recording via time-lapse videos. As the ice melts, the land is flooded, sometimes uprooting the would-be trees, that had been living, growing, providing, for thousands of years. Or, water submerges a rollercoaster in a coastal amusement park, a canary trapped in a cage, or a family home. The technology of timelapse photography allows us to see what most of us cannot comprehend -- that the ice REALLY is melting and it's only a matter of time for life on this planet to be forever altered. I'm attempting to capture both the fragility and power of nature and I hope my work inspires human reaction that might slow the inevitable.

Edition of 20. Available in various-sized digital frames. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing.


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